Stretch ceilings in modern style Modern

Stretch ceilings in high-tech style High-tech

Stretch ceilings in baroque style Baroque

Stretch ceilings in the style of Provence Provence

Stretch ceilings in the Japanese style Japanese

Stretch ceilings in loft style Loft

Stretch ceilings in modern style

And now let’s see what advantages and disadvantages stretch ceilings have to create a modern style.

1. Kitsch
A new-fashioned style that combines incompatible, at first glance, colors (for example, calm conservative and bright acidic).

2. Eclecticism
It is a harmonious combination of several similar in their orientation or different cultures (western and eastern, ancient and new).

3. Fusion
Characteristic representatives of this style include textured stretch ceilings with a combination of several shades, as well as multi-level structures with various effects (for example, waves).

4. Noise absorbing effect.
Stretch ceilings in modern interiors can reduce the level of noise coming from outside.

5. Small cost.
If you are looking for the most inexpensive version of the stretch ceiling to create a modern style, choose a reflective glossy film.

6. Special equipment.
To install any PVC fabric, a heat gun is required, so it is unlikely to cope on our own without the involvement of specialists.

Stretch ceilings in high-tech style

The well-known Hi Tech style was founded in the middle of the last century and its main idea is all the most modern and stylish. The latest technologies are always present in this style, both in the finishing materials and in furniture and decor.

The advantages and disadvantages of using them in high-tech style depend on the inherent features of stretch ceilings.

1. Colors and textures
There are no specific preferences in colors or textures, but this style is most close to minimalism. To some extent, the style is inherent dryness and office.

2. Patterns and decor
No flowers and patterns, grandmother's chairs and tablecloths. Compact, functional and discreet.

3. Black and white gamma
In the style of Hi Tech often perform black and white compositions. Looks incredibly modern and stylish.

4. Perfectly smooth surface.
The smooth surface of the stretch ceilings is as close as possible to the high-tech style with its clear lines and shapes.

5. Zoning space.
Due to straight lines and regular geometric shapes of the stretch ceiling, it is possible to divide the space into adjacent zones.

6. The complexity of the installation.
Without professional skills to independently install a stretch ceiling, especially multi-level, you are unlikely to succeed.

Stretch ceilings in baroque style

This style of abundance of decoration and wealth. A certain theatricality and an excess of luxury, stucco on the walls and exponential well-being are Baroque.

Installed in a house or apartment, the baroque stretch ceiling serves a number of useful functions.

1. Pastel shades
Stretch ceiling calm shade looks like a continuation of the walls in the same colors, which is one of the signs of the Baroque style, not tolerating abrupt transitions.

2. Photo printing
Stretch paintings in the baroque style often adorn printed drawings in the form of reproductions of paintings or images of blue sky with clouds.

3. Bends
Baroque ceilings, as a rule, are represented by complex structures, in which smooth lines prevail, rounding corners, etc.

4. Mounted for 1 day.
You do not have to endure the inconvenience of several days in a row: the entire installation of the ceiling takes from several hours to one day.

5. Serves for a long time.
10-15 years - that is how much the average life span of stretch ceilings.

6. Poor tolerates frost.
The PVC material from which stretch ceilings are made reacts poorly to temperatures below -5 ° C and is therefore not suitable for arranging cold rooms.

Stretch ceilings in the style of Provence

With the installation of suspended ceilings in the style of Provence, they will show you their best qualities.

1. Create a cozy atmosphere
Floral motifs characteristic of Provence style on a light background make it possible to arrange a room in a private house or apartment at home.

2. Complete the interior antique
Stretch ceiling with natural motifs will be an excellent final accent in the interior, where there are objects made of natural wood.

3. Increase small space
Light stretch ceilings in Provence style help solve the problem of lack of space in small rooms.

4. Perfect smoothness.
Stretch ceiling in the style of Provence - a perfectly smooth surface without additional alignment.

5. Moisture protection.
Made from PVC material, the Provence-style suspended ceiling will become a reliable barrier against flooding your apartment from above.

6. Decrease height.
When installing a stretch ceiling, it is impossible to avoid reducing the height of the room by at least 3 cm due to the installation of mounting profiles.

Stretch ceilings in the Japanese style

The depth of the culture and inner world of Japan certainly attracts a lot of attention from people from all over the world. Canada are not an exception in this matter, and lately more and more people are seeking to adopt their wisdom and calm.

Against the background of the obvious advantages of using stretch ceilings in the Japanese style, their disadvantages are almost imperceptible.

1. Installation without preparation.
To install a stretch ceiling in the Japanese style, the base does not need to be specially leveled.

2. Covering without shine.
Matt stretch fabrics that do not shine are perfect for creating an interior in a peaceful Japanese style.

3. Environmentally friendly design.
Stretch ceilings made of non-toxic materials do not harm human health.

4. Harmonious design.
The shape of the stretch ceiling together with the lamps on it can be chosen in accordance with the other objects in the oriental interior.

5. The difficulty of dismantling.
If the design of the stretch ceiling in the Japanese style includes decorative beams, it makes it difficult to replace the fabric.

6. Considerable cost.
Given the abundance of printing inks and the complexity of recreating an authentic Japanese style, such stretch ceilings are expensive.

Stretch ceilings in loft style

The loft style that emerged not so long ago over the years of its existence has gained considerable popularity. Many customers who like to experiment with unusual styles in the interior, choose stretch ceilings for arranging residential and working areas.

Stretch ceilings in loft style pros and consLet’s see what are the main advantages and disadvantages of stretch ceiling in a loft style.

1. Large rooms
Loft-style ceilings are suitable for large areas, often created by combining adjacent rooms with high ceilings.

2. Urban Design
Stretch ceilings in the spirit of the metropolis harmoniously complement the design solutions using modern technology, leather upholstered furniture and other elements similar in style.

3. Increase the space.
The use of glossy fabric of cold colors will not only emphasize the style of the interior, but also expand the space of the room.

4. Relaxing effect.
The absence of bright color spots on ceiling in a loft style allows you to rest your eyesight and relax as much as possible after the work day.

5. Democratic value.
It is possible to order a stretch ceiling at the most affordable price for you.

6. Fragility of the structure.
PVC stretch fabric can accidentally pierce with any sharp object, so its installation must be done very carefully.