Stretch ceilings have gained popularity for a variety of causes:

Wide range of textures: gloss, satin, matte-finished, velvetlike, woodgrain;

Possibility to choose color-scheme and print according to design;

You are free to select any shape of construction;

You may order additional illumination, that also makes your room unique: incorporated light, multi-colored backlighting, starry sky-effect;

Solid, high-heat, fungus-proof, eco-friendly materials of stretch ceilings are designed for any place: cabinet, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen;

Hides popcorn structure without a messy job, conceals inequalities, wires, communications under the surface, prevent your house from flood, can be easily reconstructed, it’s low-maintenance;

Clean and quick installation.
Well-matched ceiling enlarges the space and makes your room cozy and distinctive.

The original method of popcorn texture removal, carried out by scraping, includes several stages:

Preparing room: classical popcorn removal involves much dust, water drops – messy job, that can damage floor, walls, illuminating devices, furniture. So you have to protect them with plastic sheets;

Treatment of the top with a water spray;

Start scraping: the hard part of work, accompanied by disgustful noise. Needs efforts, attention to ensure that the substance is removed well. Scraping should be firm, but gentle since there is a risk to injure the ceiling base;

As practice shows, there is much debris, cleaning is necessary after that.
Such method of popcorn removal is known as a dirty, unpleasant and time-consuming venture.

Furthermore, a customer meets with extra cost for the finishing of the scraped ceiling if he chooses the way described above.
Fortunately, there is no need to endure all these inconveniences if you decide on a modern, quick and stylish solution as follows.

Vanceiling Inc offers the following terms for popcorn ceiling removal:

The best cost to removal popcorn ceiling in Vancouver, BC – just call us and specify the area size;
Our specialists will help you with the choice, considering your desire, may give some advice for improvement of design by ceiling renovation;
Bargain price to remove popcorn ceiling by getting a new one at once, without sacrificing quality;
We complete the work within one day (5-7 hours);
10 years warranty + service;
The patterns of our works and feedback from clients you can see on our site.