Installation of additional lighting in the rooms.

One of the key advantages of the stretch ceiling in comparison with the usual is the ability to install various types of additional lighting. Lack of lighting in the hall and bedroom is a pressing issue for many homeowners. Although the solution to this problem is quite simple.

Installing additional lighting involves two basic steps: installation of light devices directly on the base and installation of the stretch ceiling.

The installation of lighting devices does not require drilling of concrete or making holes in the drywall. This process significantly reduces the installation time and the amount of debris. On average, it takes about 1 to 3 hours.


As soon as all the work associated with the installation of electricians is completed, we begin to install PVC or textile fabric. The fabric is installed directly under the lighting devices that allows you to hide all the wires and all the irregularities of the base.


This way of lighting allows you not only to add more light to the room but also to embody the design idea.

Starry sky

A variety of internal illumination is a starry sky – it is an original and effective way of finishing the ceiling. The technology provides an opportunity to implement various projects on the theme of the night sky and space: imitate constellations, create the effect of twinkling stars, depict galaxies. This lighting solution is perfect for decorating children’s rooms and will help to give a special atmosphere to the space. The effect of the starry sky can be achieved in several ways. Basically, it is created by installing LEDs behind the stretch ceiling.


LED strip

This version of the backlight allows you to implement the original design ideas and can ideally complement any stretch ceiling, regardless of its design features and the material from which it is made. LED strip is compact, has a long service life and low power consumption. It is very flexible, which makes it possible to place it in a special niche and create special lighting effects.


Interior lighting of the entire ceiling or part of it

PVC fabric allows using the entire area of the ceiling base as a kind of lamp. LED strips are located inside the structure. Stretch ceiling with interior lighting allows you to achieve very interesting lighting effects. Dividing the LEDs into groups, you can turn them on together or separately, thus visually breaking the room into separate zones.