Simple one-level stretch ceilings Simple one-level

Multi-level stretch ceilings Multi-level

Stretch ceilings with photo printing Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Stretch ceilings Starry sky Stretch ceilings Starry sky

Stretch ceilings Clouds of Stretch ceilings Clouds

Stretch ceilings with lighting Stretch ceilings with lighting

Simple one-level stretch ceilings

Single-level stretch ceilings, despite the simplicity, demonstrate a number of advantages.

1. Wide color range
The color range of stretch ceilings is very diverse, so finding the right option for yourself is easy enough.

2. Quick and easy installation
Installation of a simple stretch ceiling is usually given 1 working day. A one-day period implies such factors as travel to the installation site, time for unloading / loading of tools, installation itself, unexpected delays, etc.

3. Base ceiling overlap
Stretch ceiling overlaps the base ceiling and solves any difficulties associated with height differences, shift plates, popcorn ceiling, etc.

4. Quick installation
Experts will quickly install the stretch ceiling without debris and dirt.

5. Saving height
A simple stretch ceiling is installed at a minimum distance from the base ceiling.

6. Additional lighting
Stretch ceiling allows you to quickly install additional lights in the room

Multi-level stretch ceilings

Among the currently existing methods for finishing ceilings, multi-level stretch ceilings demonstrate many advantages.

1. Originality in design
Thanks to the creation of magnificent stepped forms of different heights on the ceiling, the design of the room takes on a completely new original look.

2. Structural reliability
Strong stretch multi-level ceilings do not leak and, with possible flooding from the top, neighbors are able to withstand up to 100 liters of water per square meter.

3. Communications
Stretched multilevel ceilings can not only hide the small flaws of the base surface, but also hide visible beams, pipes, ledges, popcorn ceilings, etc.

4. Volume addition
Even the smallest space in the area will be visually more spacious after installing a bright multi-level ceiling.

5. Leakage protection
With a multi-level ceiling, as well as a flat one, your room is not afraid of floods from above.

6. Installation duration
To install a multi-level stretch ceiling, you need from 1 to 2 days, whereas the installation of a single-level stretch ceiling is done in an average of 2-3 hours. But it is still 3 times faster than installation of a drywall.

Stretch ceilings with photo printing

Due to a number of advantages, ceilings with photo printing open up wide opportunities for their customers:

1. Give the room a trendy look.
Stretch ceiling with beautiful photo printing becomes a bright and stylish detail in any interior, thereby creating a special atmosphere in the room.

2. Decorate a complex structure
Stretch ceiling with the image makes it interesting to finish even the ceilings with round or oval elements.

3. Variety of ideas.
To emphasize the individual design of the room, you can choose your favorite option from a huge list of images.

4. Durability pattern.
The drawing applied to the ceiling is not washed off during wet cleaning and does not fade with time.

5. The invisibility of the seam.
Due to the masking effect, welds are almost imperceptible on the surface of the stretch ceiling with photo printing.

6. Sensitivity to heat.
For this reason, the power of artificial light sources mounted in stretch ceilings with photo printing should be no more than 35 watts.

Stretch ceilings Starry sky

In the work of Starry sky for the most part demonstrate their positive properties, but not without some negative points.

1. Original design
If you are trying to complement the design of your home or office interior and expressively emphasize its design, the stretch ceiling Starry sky will be the best solution.

2. Romantic atmosphere
Any date in a room with a “starry sky” stretch ceiling will be held at “height” and will be remembered by lovers for long.

3. Fiber durability
The work of the built-in system of LEDs in the Starry sky system stretch ceiling is designed for an average of 20 years.

4. Design security
Since the optical fibers are not connected to electricity (only the projector), short circuits in the space between the main and stretch ceiling are excluded

5. Reduced space
Due to the nature of creating the design of a stretch ceiling “Starry Sky” ceiling height is reduced by 15-20 cm.

6. Insufficient lighting
In the evening, the lighting of the room with fiber alone is not enough, so additional light sources are required.

Stretch ceilings Clouds of

Before making a final decision about installing a stretch ceiling with “clouds”, you need to understand what its advantages and disadvantages are.

1. Eco construction
The materials of which our stretch ceilings are made Sky with clouds are non-toxic, so the designs do not threaten the health of people.

2. Air atmosphere
At one glance at the shiny glossy surface with the image of the sky and clouds, a feeling of lightness appears, and the mood rises.

3. Fast installation
An experienced team installs a stretch ceiling “Clouds” in one day.

4. Installation without dust and dirt
In addition to the installation speed, the installation of the stretch ceiling is performed with a minimum level of dustiness and noise.

5. Versatility
Stretch ceiling with “Clouds” can be installed absolutely in any room: in the bedroom, living room, children's room, in the kitchen.

6. The inconvenience of drawing a picture
This applies to PVC stretch ceilings, images of the sky on which are applied after stretching the fabric.

Stretch ceilings with lighting

In general, popular stretch ceilings with lighting have more advantages than disadvantages.

1. In low living spaces
If the height of your bedroom or hallway does not allow you to hang a chandelier, a stretch ceiling with lighting will be a great alternative.

2. As additional lighting
To achieve the effect of bright lighting, along with the main source of light in the form of a chandelier or lamps, you can use the stretch ceiling lighting.

3. In public places
Original LED ceilings look great in clubs, bars, restaurants and other entertainment places.

4. Fireproof
Since the lighting elements do not allow the ceiling to be heated, fire safety is ensured.

5. Durability of light sources
To illuminate stretch ceilings, fluorescent or energy-saving lamps are mainly used, which have a long service life.

1. Lack of access to light sources
This is one of the main drawbacks of the backlight system, which, if it is necessary to repair, you will not be able to reach it without violating the integrity of the ceiling covering.