Our main “pros” or Why to chose us for ceiling renovation?

The ceiling is an important element of design because it gives a personal touch to a house or expresses a company’s character if it is an office. Our team offers great solutions for the renovation of ceiling whether it’s residential accommodation, pool or any other building type. Being Vancouver, BC based we provide services at the nearby area and ready to move at your place by request. Pleasant cost, 10+ years of warranty and priceless experience of skilled team are at your disposal. Make the process of ceiling renovation subtle and prompt with us!

ceiling renovation in vancouver

Why it should be stretch ceiling?


Double-height spaces sometimes puzzle their owners when it comes to refreshing and remaking. The same happens with low ceiling renovation. There is one simple way out that is proven for use – stretch ceiling installation. This modern design tip is practical as for low as for high ceiling renovation. Such a solution will bring aesthetic beauty and possibility to implement any creative idea into life, even if you want to experiment with lights and shapes. Moreover, it’s flood-resistant, noise proof and completely ecological. As a plus, with a stretch ceiling, you’ll forget what is dust.

free ceiling design consultation

We love no standards but individuality!


Our company is aimed to satisfy each of our clients. That’s why we provide a personal approach and present the possibility to invent your own design. No matter the complexity and color scheme you chose, our masters will incarnate any idea into a wonderful ceiling. In case you’re still searching for your perfect variant our representatives are ready to give a free consultation. Whether it’s bedroom or conference room in a huge business center we’ll find a good decision according to your specifications and at a reasonable price.

additional lighting

How may the light change the things?


Choosing a stretch ceiling at your place you create a lot of possibilities for interior design renovation. The key one is the installation of additional lighting. Spot or pendant lights allow us to adjust the direction of the light flux and even visually change the room’s size. They could make some necessary effect, for example, to highlight workplaces, a cozy chair, a working area in the living room, any place in the interior. Our specialists compose special layout to embody ideas of any complexity even if they combine styles and trends. The cost will be calculated individually.

popcorn ceiling

Our customers deserve the best


Stretch ceiling is also a great way to get rid of the unpleasant old-fashion popcorn surface. VanCeiling, British Columbia, Canada is a professional ceiling renovation company that provides a full complex of works in Vancouver and around its area including popcorn ceiling removal. We know how to transform simple and boring ceilings into bright and contemporary design solutions to any taste. Don’t wait and contact us to make your room elegant and luxury.