Current stretch ceiling trends

At this point, you are now in the best possible position to appreciate everything stretch ceilings have to offer. If you want to explore more of these benefits for yourself, don’t be afraid to contact our experts at Vanceiling Inc.. We can show you absolutely everything these tiles can do for your home.

Here are some of our favorite stretch ceiling trends. We think you might enjoy them, as well!

  • Bold is better: More and more people are starting to realize that when it comes to something like stretch ceilings, bold is definitely the most enjoyable way to go about things. With literally hundreds of styles to choose from, you can definitely find something you want. At the same time, why not take advantage of the opportunity to do something truly unique?
  • 3D effects: People are also starting to really get behind the way stretch tile ceilings can include a number of accessories and other features. 3D elements are rapidly becoming a popular fixture with this type of ceiling. As you learn more about this type of ceiling, you will start to truly appreciate the fact that anything is possible.
  • Backlit surfaces: Another great thing about this choice is the ability to include backlit surfaces in the finished result. This is one of our favorite ongoing trends for stretch ceilings, and we think it is well worth exploring on your part.
  • Lighting integration: You aren’t settling for the same old ceiling, so why are you going to waste your time with the same old lighting integration. Professional installation experts can show you just how much can be accomplished, if you are willing to indulge your creative side.

When stretch ceilings and interior design meet

Interior design has come a very long way over the years and it’s no longer just about colors and decorative items. The style of a room is now determined by more than just those four walls. You need to look at the room from top to bottom and this includes your ceiling. Fortunately, stretch ceilings make this easier than ever! They will give the room a perfect finish with minimal effort.

Customize your stretch ceiling design

Just like the rest of the room is all about showing off your style and reflecting your personality, so too will your ceiling. With so many amazing designs, plain white is simply no longer an option! If you have a particular theme in mind or you want to create a specific type of atmosphere, keep this in mind when selecting your ceiling design. If you are planning on adding stretch wall designs, make sure that you order them along with your stretch ceiling and that they match or create a pleasant contrast. 3D shapes and effects are particularly popular in entertainment areas as well as businesses. It’s a sure way of impressing your visitors and making the room truly unique. Lighting can be integrated into the design or you can opt for a backlit surface. The choice you make will depend on the mood you are looking for as well as the type of design you have chosen. Some designs, like a starry sky, look better with backlights rather than integrated lighting. If you are not sure, ask your supplier for their expert opinion. Not only are they familiar with their products, but they have also installed enough stretch ceilings to know what looks the best.

Suited for all rooms

One of the best things about stretch ceilings is the fact that they can be used on small rooms as well as areas that are several hundred square feet in size! They can be used in any room including bedrooms, living rooms, kitchens, and bathrooms. You can even install an amazing ceiling design to give your indoor pool a whole new appeal! Excellent for residential and commercial use, stretch ceilings are an excellent choice for offices, restaurants, bars, beauty salons, and more.

The fabric is durable and it’s perfect for helping create that perfect welcoming atmosphere. Take a spa or beauty salon for example. If you want to make your visitors feel relaxed as soon as they enter, you can’t go wrong with a soothing ceiling design to complement your calming wall mural and gentle lighting. It’s all about creating the right mood and triggering the appropriate emotional response.