What is stretch ceilings

Stretch ceiling installation is required by those who want to find their house beautiful, comfortable, unique. You can select good design, furniture, accessories. But the most elegant interior can be blemished by ill-favoured ceilings.

Stretch ceiling is a modern solution for any room, as it combines important features for contemporary house. There are the most significant:

models of ceilings


You can choose any model, you prefer, among a large variety of textures,color , shape, just to your own taste, fantasy, style, room’s destination. Also client may add illumination, that gives a creatively different effect.

stretch ceiling installation


It hides all the ups and downs of the base, pipes, wires and other communications, prevents your house from the flood. Moreover, a suitable stretch ceiling enlarges a small space. In case of necessity, it is easy to change such top without a messy job.

time saving installation


It takes about 6-7 hours to finish installation.

safety solution


Only harmless, fungus-proof, high-heat, strong materials are used.

What are our advantages?

It’s paramount to find a reliable contractor. Only then you reach all the conditions above mentioned. Vanceilings Inc, Vancouver, BC, installs stretch ceilings to residential and commercial buildings.

Our offer includes:

Optimized balance between stretch ceiling price and quality;
Wide range of models, presented in catalogue with real patterns of our work;
10 years warranty
+ service;
Work on a turnkey basis: don’t worry about purchase, delivery, unloading of materials, cleaning after installation;
Our experts should help with choice, considering your personal preferences and acceptable cost, answer all your questions and provide the deal from consultation to completion of services.
The best averment of our advantage is feedback from the clients. We want you to be one of them if you are willing to create the one and only character of your interior, without overpaying and excessive troubles. Feel free to contact us - make your room cozy and eye-filling.

Stretch ceiling — perfect solution for any room

VanCeiling is a reliable provider of the best stretch ceiling designs and trendiest project ideas with further installation. Whether you're looking for popcorn ceiling removal in your house or willing to renovate commercial spaces our team is ready to help. We're passionate in our craft and know how to satisfy our clients. Many years of experience allow us to incarnate the wildest ideas with the most appropriate methods giving the latest ceiling repair alternatives.

Our experts in stretch ceiling installation do it from scratch with the minimum time and the maximum result. With the creative approach of our designers and rich color scheme of the most incredible shades we will form a perfect top for your dining room or living room, and even such fastidious to renovation places as kitchen and bathroom.

Get the full range of qualified ceiling installation services with no standard ways. We provide prompt, professional and ravishing ceiling solution nearby your home area in Vancouver, BC.